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Pan-Asian Vegan Cuisine

a2. fresh summer rolls

a2. fresh summer rolls    $6.50

- w. vegan hoisin sauce (2 pcs)

a4. steamed spinach shumai

a4. steamed spinach shumai    $7.50

- w. vinaigrette soy sauce

s8. avocado salad

s8. avocado salad    $9.50

- mixed greens, avocado w. carrot ginger dressing

m9. vegetable medley lettuce wraps

m9. vegetable medley lettuce wraps    $15.50

 - w. pine nuts (boston lettuce included)

m13. jade mushroom

m13. jade mushroom    $14.50

 - w. green kale in spicy sweet sauce

s14. green papaya salad

s14. green papaya salad    $7.50

- string beans, grape tomato & peanut w. chili lime dressing