w. brown rice (except m9 - m14) miso soup or green salad

m1. organic tofu teriyaki    $12.50

- w. broccoli, onions & bean sprouts

m2. mango soy protein    $14.50

 - w. jicama, onions, zucchini, bell peppers in plum sauce

m3. sweet citrus soy protein    $15.50

- w. green kale & almonds

m4. sweet & sour sesame soy protein    $15.50

- w. broccoli & cauliflower

m5. malaysian curry stew    $14.50

- w. soy protein, carrots & potatoes

m6. black pepper seitan    $16.50

- w. chinese broccoli

m7. basil Soy protein    $15.50

- w. zucchini, asparagus & bell peppers

m8. smoked teriyaki seitan    $15.50

 - w. sugar snap-peas

m9. vegetable medley lettuce wraps    $15.50

 - w. pine nuts (boston lettuce included)

m10. soy cutlet sizzling platter    $16.50

 - w. black bean sauce

m12. eggplant & string beans    $12.50

- In basil garlic sauce

m13. jade mushroom    $14.50

 - w. green kale in spicy sweet sauce

m14. shredded moo shu vegetables    $12.50

 - w. crepes included

m15. lemongrass soy protein    $15.50

- w. over a bed of steamed shitake mushroom, bell peppers, zucchini and carrot

m18. orange seitan    $16.50

- w. broccoli

m19. cilantro tofu    $15.50

- sauteed soft bean curd, seitan, shitake mushrooms, in chili soy bean sauce

m20. grilled soy protein fillet    $15.50

- w. asparagus & sugar snap-peas on vegan barbeque sauce

m22. baby ginger soy protien    $14.50

- w. bell peppers onions & scallion in orange ginger sauce

m23. crispy soy protien    $15.50

- w. savory tomato sauce over kale

m25. green curry tofu    $15.50

 - w. bell peppers, string beans, okra, eggplant and bamboo shoot

m26. red curry seitan    $15.50

- w. eggplant, broccoli, canliflower & bell peppers
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