soups & salads

s2. pumpkin soup    $5.50

- w. root vegetables & organic baby lima beans

s5. tom yum soup    $5.50

- lemongrass, cilantro, tomato, mushroom, fresh lime

s7. organic spinach salad    $9.50

- organic baby spinach, pine nuts, beets, chick peas, w. yuzu citrus dressing

s8. avocado salad    $10.50

- mixed greens, avocado w. carrot ginger dressing

s9. mango salad    $10.50

- mixed greens, mango, asparagus, bell peppers w. miso mustard dressing

s11. hijiki salad    $7.50

- w. edamame peas

s12. mixed green salad    $6.50

- w. carrot, ginger dressing

s14. green papaya salad    $7.50

- string beans, grape tomato & peanut w. chili lime dressing
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