noodles & rice & sides

n1. stir-fried kimchee udon    $14.50

- w. vegetables & soy protien

n2. jap-chap    $14.50

 - stir-fried glass noodles w. vegetables & veggie fish cake

n3. udon or soba noodle soup    $13.50

- w. firm tofu & vegetables

n5. Vietnamese noodle soup    $13.50

- basil, cilantro, lim & bean sprouts, soy protein

n6. stir-fried udon or soba noodles    $13.50

- w. vegetables & brown tofu

n7. cold green tea noodles    $9.50

- w. sesame peanut sauce

n8. pineapple fried rice    $14.50

- w. sunflower seeds, lettuce, avocado, brown tofu, soy bean & onion

n9. thai basil fried rice    $14.50

- green peas, string beans, browed tofu in basil chili sauce

n11. pad thai    $14.50

- flat noodle, bean sprouts, brown tofu, crushes peanut

n12. ramen (wheat noodle)    $13.50

- stir fried ramen w. mixed vegetable and brown tofu

n13. pad see elw    $14.50

n13. pad see elw - stir fried flat noodle w. chinese broccoli in black soy sauce

n15. Steamed greens    $8.50

- spinach, kale, chinese broccoli

n17. Steamed mixed vegetables    $9.50

- broccoli, asparagus, zucchini, cauliflower, jicama, celery

n18. bibimbap    $16.50

- assorted vegetables w. soy bean paste & kimchee sauce
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